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“I have followed Sheila Morris's writing since I read her very first book, Deep in the Heart, and I've followed her career to this very moment. I wouldn't miss her blogs for anything. In her writing, she is sometimes funny, even hilarious, sometimes provocative, always evocative, and always sensitive and intelligent, not to mention my favorite quality in her and her writing: compassionate and insightful. Can't wait to get hold of this, her latest book.” – Robert Lamb, author, A Majority of One

"Touching on diverse topics from the antics of canines in Columbia, South Carolina to current events in the United States and around the world, author and blogger, Sheila Morris, writes with sensitivity, humor and generous wit. Using her childhood memories of life in rural Texas as her fabric, Sheila seams together essays on politics, religion, sexuality, sports, music, backroad adventures, and of course, dogs into a grand story we all live; one we all recognize - the story of our families, faith, home and humanity."– Nanina d’Onofrio, Wayside Artist Studio

“Reading Sheila’s writing is like finding home: a home filled with warmth and laughter and sharp, bright, loving people (and dogs!). She takes the political, overwhelming, and out there, and brings it all down to earth. In a post from June 26, 2013, she writes, “Today is Edith Windsor day for me. I will forever remember the petite 84-year old lesbian from New York who changed the course of history.” – Rachel Mankowitz, writer and blogger, The Cricket Pages (with Butterfly)

“Sheila Morris starts my day with her keen observations of the simple and beautiful things all around us. She grounds me before I’m turned loose in an increasingly frenetic world.” Linda Ketner, first openly gay candidate for federal office in South Carolina, community leader and philanthropist


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